InGlobal Design Mindset CARDS have been developed to help individuals, groups, or teams interested in using a design thinking process to inform project work, solve open-ended problems, and come up with innovative solutions to challenges of all kinds. The deck contains prompts, questions, and ideas to help you work through a design mindset approach. Cards are divided into seven categories with ten cards each: Discover, Frame, Imagine, Prototype, Engage, and Reflect cards which can be used in order or randomly as needed, plus Spark cards that describe small activities which can be used at any time to rejuvenate creativity. Guideline and glossary cards round out a deck of 84 cards in all.

Our newly revised set of Design Mindset CARDS will be available in late August, and you can pre-order now at the special price of $19.95 per set (regular price: $24.95), plus shipping.

InGlobal Design Mindset CARDS were originally designed as an Institute for Innovation in Education initiative in collaboration with Wholemindesign.