Welcome to Design Stories. We’re collecting narratives by designers of all types that illustrate their thinking process and approach to design.

Our first story, Look at Everything a Lot, was from the architect Aleksis Lahti via his friend Gary Murphy. Aleksis was a master at studying a situation until he could see the problem behind the problem. In this story, he is thwarted by an unstoppable force of nature — until he realizes that fighting nature isn’t the real problem after all.

Our next set of stories is from Mollie Callahan and Michelle Pomorski of Menlo Innovations. In The Sweet SpotThe Top 3 Board, Technology is Not the Solution, Why We Love Being Completely Wrong, and Small Change, Big Difference, Michelle and Mollie talk about the challenge of balancing client and user goals, introducing big changes in small steps, failing early and often, and the importance of keeping the focus on humans even in the most high-tech projects.

If you have a story you would like to share, or know someone with a good design story, please contact us.