In 2012, the Institute for Innovation in Education (iiE) was launched in Geneva, Switzerland, as an outgrowth of the University of Michigan – Flint’s Technology in Education Global Program. Over the next six years, the iiE helped to bring creative education professionals together around groundbreaking projects and events, including Gatherings in places such as South Africa, the Czech Republic, and across North America from Vancouver Island to the Florida Keys. Throughout these years, InGlobal provided fiduciary and logistical support for the iiE’s activities, and board members of the iiE also sat on the InGlobal board.

Now, in 2018, the iiE is coming fully under the umbrella of InGlobal Learning Design. While the iiE email newsletter and social media accounts will transition to the InGlobal name, InGlobal will continue to pursue the iiE’s mission of connecting creative education professionals from around the world and developing innovative programs, approaches and tools for learning of all kinds and for learners of any age, whether high-tech or low-tech, in schools, workplaces, and everywhere in between. Interactive Communications & Simulations at the University of Michigan will continue to be a close collaborator and partner.

We deeply appreciate all who have supported the iiE in the past, and we look forward to continuing the iiE’s exciting work and dynamic community through InGlobal Learning Design.